We believe since God created the family and He created everything to worship Him, it should be the natural outflow of the family to worship it’s Creator.

Worship during the week prepares us for the Sunday to come. It allows parents to teach and disciple their children. It provides a opportunity for families members to share with each other what God is doing in their lives. Family worship opens the door for communication with each other and with God.

Family worship allows families the time to train their children in what is right and appropriate for the corporate worship experience.

Setting a time for family worship gives your family a chance to slow down and take a breath. Family life seems to be more hectic everyday. So at Legacy we encourage you and your family to take a break, be still and know that HE is God.


Family Worship Help

Daniel Websters 1828 dictionary defines worship as: "To adore; to pay divine honors to; to reverence with supreme respect and veneration." We all perform acts of worship, but to what? Purposeful time to pay divine honor to the Lord as a family requires diligence in our ever busy lives. Consider some of the following ways this week to add to your time of worship.
  • Reading from the scripture is always a high value point, but can be difficult for some children to follow along. Consider reading it first and prepare to stop a certain point for discussion to ensue everyone remains engaged
  • Times of prayer and discussing the answers to previous prayers can help build the families faith. Review the prayer requests from the church body as a family and have each family member take on a special prayer request as their own to pray for through the week.
  • Choose one night each week to have a child lead the time of family worship. This can be as simple as reading a bible story or as complex as sharing a message.
  • Consider having the children act out a scene from a passage in the scripture. If the children are too shy, then let Mom and Dad give it a try.

Preparing for Sunday!

To help you prepare for Sunday and to worship as a family please consider the following: Sunday worship is a time of fellowship of the believers. One of our churches core visions is to focus on the primary spiritual learning coming from the head of the household in each family. A time of regular personal and family devotions is critical for the proper spiritual health of each family.



Remember to pray for the families of Legacy this week!